Whether you are a first time home buyer, parents with an expanding family or someone wanting to down-size. We know YOUR needs are important to YOU! 

Having Kurt represent you as a buyer will bring you a wealth of experience and guidance, where and when you need and want it!

Did we mention Kurt gives you up to HALF OF HIS COMMISSION, when the seller is offering a BAC (Buyer's Agent Commission) at closing!

 Example: Purchase price $300,000. And the usual BAC is 3%. You get $4,500 at closing!!!

buying your home the smart way!

List your property on the Realtors MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for up to Six Months or until your property sells, whichever comes first with no upfront fees!   When your home sells and closes you will only pay a small transaction fee of .25% or $500 (whichever is greater).  This generally comes out to the BAC (Buyer Agent Commission). 

*Buyer's Bonus*

*If you plan to purchase your next home in Utah, sign up with us now and we will give you up to half the commission offer to the Buyers agent from the Seller!

*Amount determined by Property Purchase Price.

  • Buyer's Discount:  Putting money in your pocket when purchasing a NEW BUILD or EXISTING home!
  • Selling:  LIST FOR FREE! NO PRESSURE AND NO UPFRONT MONEY TO BE PAID!  We collect a small transaction fee of .25 at closing.
  • Mortgage Assistance.  Helping you understand your options and making sure whether you are selling or buying, that the lending process goes smooth.
  • Property Value Assessment:  Get top quality value assessment unlocking profit potential on the property you are selling and/or buying.

why us?


These Websites are independently owned. Information they list is downloaded from the MLS but they have their own guidelines as to what they list. Some sites are quick to update and others are slow. We only guarantee what information and pictures we list for you on the MLS.

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selling your home

the smart way!

So you want to sell or buy a home do you?

Have you heard that saying, "Nothing good comes easy"? Well... in today's Real Estate market and with consumers having opportunities to search the web with numerous websites and the For Sale by Owner Industry merging more and more with the Professional Real Estate Industry, the task is actually more complex than you may think!  Let us help you!

With us, you get the control you desire and the expertise it takes, to make your transaction a complete success, at a cost that makes "Old School" Realtors cringe!!!


More than just a real estate agent, Kurt is a partner who's got your back!

Kurt is truly dedicated as a Professional Realtor to go to bat for you and make your real estate transaction hassle free and enjoyable! 

He loves his profession and strives to become the real estate professional you turn to for all your real estate needs.  He is someone that you can feel confident in referring your family and friends to as well! 

INTEGRITY and VALUE are the corner stones to our success!

YOUR Transaction  YOUR Way!

We have an in-depth understanding of the market you're looking at. We go beyond traditional real estate agency scopes and evaluate the value of your home, including those special aspects of living somewhere beautiful.


When you're looking to choose a place in Utah to call home, or as an investment property, make sure it's the best investment for your projected goals.

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