Buyer's Rebate Program
Receive up to HALF of BAC commission paid out at time of closing!!!

Example: Purchase price $300,000 and the usual BAC is 3%.  

You get $4,500 at closing!!!

The information shared on this website is for informational purposes only and, Kurt Mathewson, Intermountain Properties, The Mathewson Group and it's associates DO NOT have any financial affiliation with any of the builders listed.  Information is provided to give options available, but is not a complete list of builders available to viewer.  Viewers are encouraged to shop these and others available to them, in order to be well informed. Viewers are responsible for the builder choices they make and any loss or deficiency resulting in the use of this website .

Remember:  Builders have professionals working for them and their interest! It's only smart that you have someone working for YOU and having YOUR interest in mind when purchasing a home!

The cost of a new home doesn't change if you don't have an agent representing you.  It's built into the marketing costs associated with the build and/or development!  

Having representation by Kurt as your purchasing agent will offer you peace of mind, save you time and money, and you have the expert real estate skills to assist you with  market information, options, contracts, deadlines, and the Due Diligence process from start to close keeping you and your purchase investment safe and equitable!!!


In order to solidify up to half of BAC paid out at closing, remember to mention Kurt Mathewson is YOUR Agent when looking into new home construction without him there at that time, to represent you!


Kurt Mathewson, Realtor 

Intermountain Properties